Wireless Sensor Network : A Survey

Bhavik kumar, Ravindrakumar Gupta, Gaurav Shrivastava


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are used in many applications in the area of tracking and monitoring. WSNs have many constraints likelow computational power, small memory, and limited energy resources. Most of the energy consumption is due to data transmission. Instead of everynode sends the sensed data to the sink nodes, under cluster based Data Aggregation technique only Cluster head or aggregator node collect the datafrom the neighbors and send aggregation result to the cluster head. This approach helps to reduce the number of transmissions and improves the lifetime of wireless sensor network with less energy usage of sensor nodes. When sensor nodes are deployed in hostile environment, to protect Data Aggregationprocess from various kinds of attacks becomes extremely critical. Some of the secure data aggregation approaches are listed in this paper.

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