A Novel Approach For Smart Dust Based Surveillance System With Intruder Imaging

Karthikeyan C, Dr. A. Anthony Irudhayaraj, R. Jaichandran


Surveillance System is most important in the field of security. In critical border areas, regular forces or even satellites cannot monitor the intruding terrorists, as the area monitored is quite large and complex. In this paper novel approach for efficient surveillance system which would detect motions an enemy intrusion across borders and battlefields in a live video feed using smart dust mote with imaging camera. Smart dust wireless sensor mote is a small size deployable node used for intrusion detection purposes specifically in border, battlefield and industrial perimeter surveillance systems. An image enhancement technique is incorporated to get a quality image of the intruder even at low lighting conditions or during night. This system will send an interrupt signal to the nearby base station when an intruder is detected along with intruders image

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