Quantum Cryptography: A Security Tool in Secure transferring Data

Rajesh Kumar, Ramniwas Jinjwadiya, Dinesh Kumar, Sohan Gupta


The basis study of this paper leads to providing security for transferring data. Increasing popularity of the Internet and electronic communication become more prevalent, and by this the need of electronic security increases day by day. We can say that it is the never-ending task between programmers and code-breakers. There are several techniques used to protect our data from code breakers. Cryptography is one of them. Cryptography is the method of protecting information by a specific format (encrypting it) into an unreadable format; this format is known as cipher text. A secret key is given to decipher or decryption the message or information. But in now a days encrypt message can be broken or read by code breakers but modern cryptography is probably unbreakable. In this paper we focus on one of them namely QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY

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