Web Engineering: A Multidisciplinary Approach For Web Development

jatinder Manhas


Web Engineering, an emerging new discipline, advocates a process and a systematic approach to development of high quality Web-based systems. It promotes the establishment and use of sound scientific, engineering and management principles, and disciplined and systematic approaches to development, deployment and maintenance of Web-based systems. Earlier Web-developers regarded Web Engineering as a specialized field of Software Engineering but it comprises more than it because every web application comprises content, hypertext structure and presentation for a possibly very divertive audience, web developers must supply a broad variety of domain knowledge. As Powel [1] writes Web-based systems involve a mixture between print publishing and software development, between marketing and computing, between internal communications and external relations, and between art and technology.In view of the nature of the Web and Web -based applications, Web engineering is bound to be a multidisciplinary field, with encompassing inputs from diverse areas such as human-computer interaction, user interface, systems analysis and design, software engineering, requirements engineering, hypermedia engineering, information structures, testing, modelling and simulation and project management, as well as social sciences, arts and graphic design .This paper first gives a precise comparison between web-based and non-web based software development process, then describing the multidisplinary nature of Web Engineering and the areas that need further study. Keywords Web engineering, Software Engineering, Web-based system development, Web design, Web development

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