A Secure Model for Time Synchronization in Body Sensor Network

J S Lather


In the recent years wireless sensor networks (WSN) have received a lot of attention due to wide range of applications such as health monitoring, agriculture, target tracking, environment monitoring, military operations, and scientific exploration in dangerous environments. The health monitoring system is one of emerging application area of WSN. A number of tiny wireless sensors nodes may be implantable or attached to the cloths on the human body to create a wireless body sensor network (WBSN) that can continuously monitor various vital signs of patients and provide real-time feedback to the user and medical personnel. Time synchronization is an important component of sensor networks to provide a common clock time in all sensor nodes. Time synchronization protocols offer a mechanism for synchronizing the local clocks of the nodes in a sensor network. In this paper a model for secure time synchronization in WBSN is proposed.

Index Terms: Wireless sensor network, Body sensor network, Time synchronization commas.

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