SMS Based Secure (ID Based) Voting System

Er.Nitin Agarwal, Ankit Kumar Omar, Barkha Sharma, Sonu Kumar Gupta


The short message service technology is one of the most stable and suitable technology for mobile communication. There are many projects are using SMS based technology in the field of voting as well as education and controlling system. In this paper we are presenting about the voting system via SMS .Using SMS based voting system we can vote from our home just by sending a SMS in a particular format from our mobile .The entire voters will be provided with a unique password and identification number. The voting system receive this message and MICROCONTROLLER decode and verify the PIN number if both numbers matches .then the microcontroller accept the vote otherwise rejected the vote. A GSM MODEM is used to receive message from voters. And we are using a LCD to display the vote. We are using the underlying technology of GSM modem to build a SMS based voting system. The project is aimed to develop a password protected voting system. This project is designed with an idea to use the cell phone as a remote controller. The cell phones are now a days used most widely and very commonly.

Index Terms- Short Message Service [SMS], GSM Modem, MicrocontrollerPIC16F877A, AT Commands supporting GSM Modem, SIM 300, and LCD.

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