Design of a Robust Verification Environment for AMBA AHB System in Universal Verification Methodology

Vaidya Bhaumik, Jaydeep Bhatt


There are many interconnect buses that are widely used in the industry like AMBA, Wishbone, CoreConnect, Avalon etc. AMBA is most proffered among all of them because it has a hierarchy of buses with AHB (Advance high performance bus) can be connected to high performance peripherals and APB (Advance Peripheral Bus) that can be connected to low performance peripherals. AHB can be used in high performance and high bandwidth system because of its high performance features like burst transfer and split transaction. Today, major time in ASIC design flow is spent on verification. So there is a need of a robust and reusable verification. Universal Verification Methodology was introduced just to fulfill that need. More over it is supported by all three major simulator vendor in industry. So in this paper the process of developing verification environment for AMBA AHB master and slave component is shown.Index Terms: AMBA, AHB, System on chip , AHB master, AHB Slave, UVM

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