SpaceTime Trellis Coded Modulation for High Speed Radio Communication

Syed Faraz Ahmed Naqvi, Dr. J.S. Yadav


Diversity of receiving antenna is a widely applied technique to reduce the detrimental effects of multipath fading in wireless communications. However, it is hard to efficiently use receive antenna diversity at the remote units since they should remain relatively simple, inexpensive and small. Therefore, receive diversity has been used nearly exclusively at the base station. In order to enable high data rate transmission over wireless fading channels, recently different transmit diversity techniques have been introduced to benefit from antenna diversity also in the downlink while putting the diversity burden on the base station. In this paper we propose new trellis codes found through systematic code search. These codes achieve the theoretically maximal diversity gain and improved coding gain compared to known codes.Keywords - Diversity, multiple transmit antennas, spacetime codes, wireless communication, spacetime coded modulation

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