A literature Review on Desktop Phishing Based on Visual Appearance Analysis

nitikesh S. Thakare, Avinash P. Wadhe


The increase in online transactions has been accompanied by an increase in online identity theft. Fraudulent access to personal information over the Internet is increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. Identity theft is a federal crime. It occurs when one persons identification (which can include name, social security number, bank account number, or any other account number) is used or transferred by another person for unlawful activities. Identity theft that lures consumers into divulging their personal financial information to fraudulent web sites, also known as spoofed web sites. Unbeknownst to the consumer, the web site is a convincing fake or copy of the authentic web site. The unsuspecting customer takes the bait and provides the information, thereby enabling the phisher to steal his personal financial information. Consumer awareness is the key to avoid falling prey to phishers .This white paper discuss approaches used by different research paper and then finding best suitable strategy among them for protecting against phishing problem precisely.

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