Modern Approaches To Enterprise Integration

vishal more, Prof. M. M. Bartere


Application Integration is a set of distributed applications each and every application having the various data formats and these applications interact or communicate by using different protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and JMS etc. Typically integration projects always involve a set of distributed applications with multiple data formats. These applications interact through multiple transport protocols over multiple platforms. These diversifying parameters often makes architecting and implementation of enterprise integration extremely complex.

The conventional approaches of enterprise integration (EI) are often quite expensive both in terms of time, effort and money. Most of the traditional integration middleware are very costly and need lot of upfront investment. It also involves lot of hand coding to implement the integration scenario using these middlewares.

Following in line with todays business mandates for IT teams such as productivity, scalability, elasticity, reduced cycle time and baked in quality, we have to look into alternate set of EI mechanism. This mandates trigger the emergence of a set of new set of technologies and platforms in the EI domain.

In the current paper with the help of an example, we would like to present our experiences with some of these modern generation EI technologies along with pros and cons of each of them.

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