Performance Evaluation of SISO/MISO WiMAX System Using Adaptive Modulation and Coding(Revised Version)

Albedeir Y. G. Othman, Mohamed H. M. Nerma, Mohamed A. A. Elmaleeh


WiMAX is considered as one of the most important technologies that can provide a broadband wireless access in metropolitan area and supports numerous multiple antenna choices that include space time block codes (STBC) where adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) is used. In this paper a new studies of performance analysis of SISO/MISO WiMAX systems under various type of fading are proposed. Initially the proposed study compares between the different types of fading and their effect on the transmitted signal. It also studies the effect of the AMC in SISO/MISO WiMAX systems and presents the effect of using orthogonal frequency divison multiplexing (OFDM). A geraphical user interface using different type of WiMAX modulation techniques will be designed. The results obtained indicate the possibility of switching the order of modulation and coding via the bit error rate and throughput.

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