Secured Data Delivery for Mobile Adhoc Networks

Aravindhan R, Dr.U. Karthikeyan


Mobile Ad-hoc Network is an infrastructure less and decentralized network which needs a robust dynamic routing protocol. To accommodate the needs of communications for Mobile Ad hoc Network many routing protocols have been proposed. In this project, there is problem in delivering data packets for highly dynamic mobile ad hoc networks in a reliable and timely manner. The existing ad hoc routing protocols are susceptible to node mobility for the large scale networks. An efficient Position-based Opportunistic routing protocol was introduced for this issue. It takes advantage of the stateless property of geographic routing and the broadcast nature of wireless medium. Some of the neighbor nodes that have overheard the transmission will serve as forwarding candidates when a data packet is sent out and forward the packet if it is not relayed by the specific best forwarder within a certain period of time.

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