Secured Local Alert System for College Campus through Short Message Service

Chozharajan P., Swaminathan. B, Srikanth J


The Short Message Service (SMS) allows user to send text-based messages to and from mobile telephones on a GSM network. There are many organizations like offices, colleges and universities now partner with third-party agents that have many security problems to send messages. Sometimes these services not work due to the limitations of cellular systems providing a false security to the receivers. To increase the security mechanism, encryption and decryption of messages can be done to prevent hackers enters into the system and then they do not change the messages being sent over the communication channel. Whenever sending text messages it is important it should be delivered by all the users to achieve more efficiency. Suppose these messages fail to reach means, sender will recognize the non delivered person of those messages. Then it has to notify those users about the failure of the message and then re-sending the message again.

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