Routing Method for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Pascal Graph Topology

Subhrendu Guha Neogi


Constantly growing demand in the design of high productivity network models in the area of Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks different graph models have been used so far. This paper attempts to design a suitable routing mechanism using Pascal Graph Topology in the area of Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. As per the definition of interconnection network it is equivalent that a suitable graph can represent the different computer network topologies very efficiently. Different charecteristics of Pascal Graph Topology has been discovered and used in network topology design and routing for wireless mobile adhoc networks. Topologies in Mobile Ad hoc networks are frequently changing and therefore there is a demand of designing efficient routing method which can be adaptable to such situations. Since Pascal Graph gives better result in terms of finding the dependable and reliable nodes in topology design and routing method, it has been considered to use for designing the topologies in computer networks.

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