Multi Point Short Range Wireless Data Communication System Using Zigbee Network

B Santhikiran, S. Mallikharjuna Rao


In the field of modern wireless communication, there are some technologies, which provide solutions to the wireless data transmission network, such as: GSM, CDMA, 3G, and Wi-Fi. These solutions make network work with high efficiency and good quality, but still with high cost, so wider application would cause a great waste of resources, and they cannot promoted in small regional and low speed data communication. According to this situation, the key components of the Information Terminal and the wireless receiving modules on the data collection and wireless transmission network will be designed with the ZIG BEE Transceiver and 51series of single-chip computer as the core hardware, besides, combining with the current technology on the Wireless, Ad Hoc Networks, a short-range wireless data acquisition and transmission network provides a low-powered and high-performance wireless data communication system, works in the wireless vehicle navigation system.

In this design, different parameters like humidity, temperature, alcohol, float sensor and data will be tested in real time application by using multipoint short range wireless data acquisition and transmission network. However the process of receives the data by SPI serial, data buffer, RS232port and finally multi-short range wireless network. This system based on this solution will work finds applications in wireless vehicle system, environmental security guard system.


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