Designing the Trading Tool through Business Intelligence Based Intelligent Agent

nidhi dhanda, Jagdeep Kaur


Now a day with the advent use of Internet the complexity of real-world applications increases. So there is a need to incorporate organizational abstractions into computing systems that ease their design, development, and maintenance. The advent of Multi-agent systems has brought together many disciplines in an effort to build distributed, intelligent, and robust applications. The multi-agent system is new emerging trend of the Artificial Intelligence field. They have given us a new way to look at distributed systems and provided a path to more robust intelligent applications.

In this paper we presented a preliminary research work that involves the development of a Multiagent system for big business organization in which the various decisions are being taken at every activities. It also involves the development of the Internet Business tool through Multi-agent system for E-commerce applications taken place online transactions and we also focus on the architecture of the multi-agent systems.

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