Review on Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing

Nitin Kumar, Shrikant D.Zade, Chanderpaul U.Chauhan


Nowadays, privacy becomes important to secure the data from various probable attackers. When data is sharing for public advantage as required for Health care and researches, individual privacy become major task regarding sensitive information. So while publishing this type of data, privacy should be preserved .When collaborative data was published to multiple data providers two types of attack takes place,outsider attack is first attack and second is the insider attack. Outsider attack means the people those are different from data providers and insider attack is by data provider those are the neighbour of each other who may use their own data records to understand the other providers data records shared by them. This problem can be overcome by combining Record Elimination techniques with mprivacy techniques and addition secure multiparty computation protocol and trusted third party will increase the privacy effectively of system

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