Secure Data Management In Wireless Sensor Networks

Rakesh Sharma, Dr Vijay Athavale


Wireless Sensor network is one of the most compelling research areas. Wireless Sensor networks have features like low cost, flexibility, fault tolerance, high sensing fidelity, creating many innovative and stimulating application areas for remote sensing. So, wireless sensor network has emerged as a promising tool for monitoring the physical world with wireless sensor that can sense, process and communicate. There are many issues of wireless sensor network which need to be addressed. Due to the wireless characteristic of the transmission medium, nodes susceptibility to physical capture and the constraints in power, computation and memory resources, security is an important challenge for sensor networks. While determining the scale of the security system, these constraints and requirements of the wireless sensor networks should be taken into consider. As researchers are working in the area of wireless sensor network, more and more data is collected, the refined the models and techniques will become in the future. In this paper, we are most concerned about the study of wireless sensor networks as it is an evolving field which offers scope for research.

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