Traffic Panel Detection using Text Detection Algorithm

Ms.Shrutika Tingne, Prof. S. D. Zade


Traffic Panel detection and recognition has been studied and from long time period. Traffic panel detection and recognition still remains a challenge in computer vision because of different types of information depicted in them. In this system we studied and analyze technique which detects traffic panels and to recognize the information contained in them. The main purpose of development of system is to make an automatic inventory of traffic panel. The system is used to help for road support and traffic panel maintenance and assist drivers. In our system, we make use of Otsu thresholding technique and we have used black and white colors for panel detection and for text detection image dialation method of morphology is used and also proposes a dictionary for maintaining dataset and for text detection where a traffic panel has been detected Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm is used .Efficiency of algorithm is proved by the experimental results on real images.

Keywords-Ttraffic panel detection,traffic panel recognition, Traffic Panel inventory, computer vision.

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