Digital Stroboscope using Microcontroller and ultra bright LED

Omor Ahmed Dhali, Md. Tanvir Rahman, Md. Sazzadul Islam, Afroz A S M Nasim


This dissertation presents the detailed operation analysis, controller design and implementation of a cost effective Digital Stroboscope which is vastly used in printing and many other industries. Electronic Digital stroboscope is an optical measurement device which can be used to make a very fast rotating object appear stationary. In addition, this device can be used to measure the value of rotation per minute (RPM) of any rotating object. Stroboscopes are also used in medical purposes. This project focuses on a cost efficient and smarter device maintaining the quality compared to the devices in the industrial market. In comparison with the present market, this device will cost at least half the price of the same device. As stroboscope is related with the speed and rotation of a very fast rotating object, the device has been successfully accumulated with highly accurate speed control and drift free operation. Another main operation of this device is to provide a reliable and exact speed measurement along with stop motion diagnostic inspection. Furthermore, a voice manual in English has been installed with the device which is not a common phenomenon with the similar devices in the market. This stroboscope is the combination of mesmerizing fun of traditional strobe with a digital frequency readout for accurate, quantitative data.

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