Video analysis for 3rd generation (3G) telephony system

Sumonto Sarker, Syeed Anwar, Hasan Ali, Zakirul Ahamed


As we know the demand for live video communication has increases, the devices which are available to the users need to be made more faster, smaller configuration, lower power, and easily modifiable. Our work describe the video quality and the efficient transmission mechanism video over internet. Video over internet has become the most useful way of life thorough 3rd generation telephony system .But there are some difficulties such as delay, jitter and throughput when transmitting video over less bandwidth channel. In Bangladesh 3G system gives the bandwidth of 512kbps or 1mbps. But their also remain some problem of video calling over this bandwidth for the likings of the video quality. This analysis shows the efficiency of H.264 video format quality for multimedia transmission. This makes the way of multimedia communication more efficient for the mankind

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