Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM Technology

Ambikesh kumar Jha, Montasir Ahmed, Sadanand Kumar Mehta, Nasrin Sultana


Now we are living in the age of modern science.Wireless communication has announced its arrival on big stage and the world is going to mobile.In this project, it is proposed to design a model where the message to be displayed is sent through a SMS from an authorized transmitter. We want to control everything and without moving an inch. This remote control of appliances is possible through Embedded Systems.The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on global system for mobile Communication (gsm).The use of Embedded System in Communication has given rise to many interesting applications that ensures comfort and safety to human life.The design & developed system is installed in the wireless electronic notice board.An interfacing mobile is also connected to the microcontroller,which is in turn,connected to the whole process of electric notice board.Once, a person who wants to send some information to the display-board than the information is passed onto the central processing insurance system which is in the form of the sms,than the informations are received by the GSM Modem, the microcontroller units reads the information and send it to the display-board for displaying the information.For this propesd system where there will be given security system as a result any one can not access the whole systm only the authorized person will use the whole system.While implementation this can be replaced by actual display boards. We can apply our project on various purposes such as University Notice Board, Railway, Hospital, Military, and Advertising etc.The main concept in this design is introducing the mobile communication into an embedded system.The entire designed unit is on a single chip

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