A Statistical Approach on Software Reuse in Medical Database for Cardiac Patients

M. Bhanu Sridhar, Y. Srinivas, M. H. M. Krishna Prasad


Software reuse is a subfield of software engineering that is used to adopt the existing software for similar purposes. In this paper, medical database related to cardiology is considered. The Pearson Type-I Distribution is utilized for clustering the data. Further, coupling methodology is used to bring out the similarity among symptoms related to a new patient data by comparing it with the existing data. By this, the concerned treatment to be followed for the new patient is deduced. In order to ratify a disease, the patients symptoms are identified and are correlated with a benchmark factor i.e. T-wave, obtained from ECG data. Specificity and sensitivity is carried out next and the performance of the system developed is computed by using precision and recall. This methodology is useful in the field of medical sciences, in particular to patients of remote areas, to save the precious life at the right moment.

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