Cross-user Source-based Data Deduplication in Distributed System without Violating Data Privacy of Individual User

Md. Nadim, S.M Motakabber Billah, Md. Shahnoor Alam, Ashis Kumar Mandal, Md. Palash Uddin, Md. Rashedul Islam


Data deduplication for web storage providers becomes one of the most challenging issues because of the continuous andexponential growth of the number of users and the memory requirement for the users data. In this paper, we proposed a cross usersource-based deduplication solution for any distributed system to increase the storage capacity in the web servers, which may store ahuge amount of redundant data uploaded by different users. The proposed solution also preserves clients confidential data applying aprivate-key encryption technology. A hashed algorithm, SHA1 is used to find out the duplicate files that are uploaded by the clients. Onlyone of the duplicated copies will be stored and this copy will be shared to all the clients by a pointer to the single file who had uploadedthose. The experimental result of the proposed solution is also traced that shows a bulky space is saved if the amount of the redundantdata uploaded by various users increases.

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