Prajakta Nikam, Priyanka Nikam, Priya Sharma


Nowadays,people around the globe are increasingly captivated by the personal mobile devices (smartphone, tablet etc), network access and applications provided by them. Cloud computing is a technology which allows a centralized data storage and online access to the devices and resources. But it is challenging to effectively exploit the cloud resources to facilitate mobile services. Video applications are increasingly preferred by smartusers. However,in current cellular systems, fluctuation in the downlink data rate and high the loss rate. In this paper we proposed a group of users using smartphones, within proximity of each other, which are interested in viewing the same video at the same time and are also willing to cooperate with each other. We design a Mobile Social TV system which is based on cloud (CloudMoV). The system effectively utilizes cloud services of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) . It gives a living-room experience of video watching to a group of different mobile users who may be geographically seperated and also offers spontaneous social interaction among them. Social interaction among the users is done through textual exchanges which is achieved by efficient design of data storage in a Paas cloud. A surrogate for each user on IaaS cloud performs synchronization of video and exchange of social messages using Paas cloud.

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