Performance analysis of Space Time Block Coding on MIMO system

Mousumi Saha, Mst Zakia Sultana Lima, Syeda Jannatul Ferdousi, Nasrin Sultana


In wireless communication to transmit higher data rate signal need higher bandwidth. In MIMO system data can transmit with high rate without additional bandwidth. Among two types of space time coding used in MIMO system, space-time block coding(STBC) provide better bit error rate performance, diversity gain and simple encoding and decoding system than space-time trellis coding(STTC).In this research work, we simulate MIMO system using MATLAB simulating software. We mathematically analyzed the MIMO system with STBC and derived an equation for channel capacity. Then using MATLAB by ranging SNR we get different value of channel capacity (C). We take three transmit and three receive antenna (3X3) where channel capacity is increasing with increasing the SNR value. In this research we take 3X3 diversity and compare with 2X2 diversity. Finally we get a result that the 3X3 is better than 2X2.Thus from this work we can increasechannel capacity in MIMO system by increasing diversity without additional bandwidth, which will be very helpful for high speed wireless communication system.

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