Verifying Mathematical Function Using Metamorphic Testing

S M Hasan Mahmud, Md. Fazla Elahe, Hosney Jahan


AbstractA Test oracle is a mechanism for determining whethersoftwareunder test behaves correctly for any execution.A complete oracle would have three capabilities and would carry them out perfectly: (I) A generator, to provide predicted or expected results for each test.(II)A comparator, to compare predicted and obtained results. (III)An evaluator,to determine whether the comparison results are sufficiently close to be a pass.Metamorphic testing is used for the complementary test method to special value testing.A metamorphic relation is an expected relation over a set of inputs and their corresponding outputs of the sine and cosine function. Metamorphic Testing can verifly the correctness of testing outputs with metamorphic relations between a series of outputs that correspond to a series of inputs.This paper veriflymetamorphic relationship with sine and cosine function by special values.

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