Email Security for Targeted Malicious Attacks

Jagdish R.Yadav, Dr.A.K. Srivastava


The aim of this paper is to detect the Targeted email attacks as well as to find the malicious executables. Beyond spam or phishing designed to trick users into revealing personal information, targeted malicious email (TME) acquire sensitive information from targeted networks. These targeted malicious email attacks are not singular unrelated events, instead they are coordinated and persistent attack campaigns that can span years. This survey categorizes existing email filtering techniques, proposes and implements new methods for detecting malicious email and compares these newly developed techniques to traditional detection methods. Current research and commercial methods for detecting spam and phishing attacks, but not focused on addressing targeted malicious emails. Furthermore, This study first documents the existence of TME and characterizes it as a form of malicious email attack different than spam, phishing and other conventional illegitimate email.

unseen malicious executables often arriving as email. Current anti-virus systems attempt to detect these new malicious programs but there is a overhead of updation of anti-virus This approach is costly and oftentimes ineffective. In this project focus is to design a system that detects new, previously unseen malicious executables accurately.

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