Use of Human Voice for Mobile Battery Charging

Prof. Bhavna Ambudkar, Ms. Nilakshee Rajule, Sabah Gowhar, Suresh Pawar, Abhijit Raut


By the extend use of mobile phones for communication, GPRS, entertainment, etc a worn out battery or a lost charge are the two difficulties every mobile user goes through. To overcome this we have to look for a new technology that can be adopted to charge the mobile phones. Use of non-conventional sources to recharge portable devices is the need of the hour. On the other hand we see that in this modern world there is lot of noise pollution in roads, airports, industries....which involves mainly sound energy. As sound has enormous amount of energy with it, which could be used, it can be treated as an alternative source of energy. Sound is a mechanical form of energy which travels in the form of wave, mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure this pressure created by the sound could be used to convert it into electric energy or other form of energy. Random sound energy around us can be treated as a source of electric power after efficient conversion using suitable transducer. An effective way of producing usable electric power from available random sound energy is presented here. Piezoelectric transducers are used for conversion of sounds into electric energy. Piezoelectric transducer converts mechanical strain into electric energy this property of Piezo material could be used to make a device which would be able to sustainably convert the sound energy to electric energy. So suppose your mobile phone get discharge you could shout at it and then it will again get charged or it could also get charge by using sound pollution around us.

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