A Novel Approach To Reduce Routing Overhead In Dense VANET

Charusmita Dhiman, Kalpana Mudaliar


A Vehicular Ad-Hoc network is a form of Mobile ad-hoc Networks, to provide communication among nearby vehicles and between vehicles and nearby fixed equipment i.e. roadside equipment. Each vehicle equipped with VANET device will be a node in the Ad-hoc network and can receive & relay other messages through the wireless network. Broadcasting in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET) is emerging as a critical area of research. When the traffic density is above a certain value, one of the most serious problems is the choking of the shared medium by an excessive number of routing message by several consecutive cars. Because of the shared wireless medium, blindly broadcasting the packets may lead to frequent contention and collisions in transmission among neighboring nodes. This problem is sometimes referred to as broadcast storm problem. In our work we provide novel approach to reduce this routing over head without affecting normal network operations.

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