Power Amplifiers for WiMedia Ultra-Wideband Band Group 1 Applications

Yong Yun Fen, Dr. Wong Sew Kin, Dr. Pang Wai Leong


Two wideband 0.18 mm CMOS power amplifiers (PAs) for 3.1 to 4.8 GHz WiMedia Ultra-Wideband (UWB) band group 1 systems are presented in this paper. The first PA is a three-stage amplifier with conventional common source (CS) inductive degeneration with common gate (CG) structures while the second PA uses the same configuration but with additional inter-stage LC matching components. On wafer measurements show that the first CS-CG-CS PA achieves a maximum power gain of 14.8 dB at 3.75 GHz, minimum input and output return losses of 6.2 dB and 9 dB respectively, maximum output 1dB gain compression of 5.2 dBm at 3.432 GHz and maximum power efficiency of 35.5%. The second CS-CG-CS with inter-stage LC matching PA has a measured maximum power gain of 18.2 dB, minimum input return loss of 16.7 dB, maximum output return loss of 6.5 dB, maximum output 1 dB gain compression of 5.2 dBm and maximum power efficiency of 17.5 %. Both PAs have reverse isolation more than 33 dB and consumed only 20 mW from a single 1.5 V supply voltage. Based on the on-wafer measurement results, the proposed PAs has the lowest power dissipation among the reported WiMedia UWB PA to date. Measurement results gathered in this work could serve as a guideline for wideband PAs design, especially in radio frequency (RF) transmitter for mobile devices and consumer products.

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