State of Art of Supercapacitor

Soma Ray, Sutapa Garain, Sayan Das, Sukhendu Jana, Debasish De, Utpal Gangopadhyay


In the progressing effort of energy susceptibility super capacitor ensures a promising yield due to their high energy density, fast charging recharging time, low level of heating, long term operation stability and non disposable parts. Though supercapcitors are presided over the same fundamental rules of conventional capacitor, the higher surface area and thinner dielectric enable to contribute more capacitance than conventional capacitors. This property allows utilizing the supercapacitor in many applications such as power electronics, transport system, windmill, smart grid etc. This review paper enlightens on the recent development of the super capacitor as well as emphasizing the major components of supercapacitors like electrode materials, separator and various types of electrolytes

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