An efficient weighted clustering network for ad hoc network

Basant Kumar Verma, Dr. Binod Kumar


Mobile ad hoc network is a kind of wireless network. In this network all the nodes are able move freely in any direction independently. The connectivity between nodes is provided using wireless links. Individual nodes in network having similar functionality and capability, therefore all the nodes in network able to send receive and forward the data. In this context nodes are connected with each others using radio frequencies. If nodes are highly mobile then communication in such kind of network is a complex task. Therefore in order to increase the network scalability and efficiency network clustering approaches are implemented with the network. In this proposed study a weighted clustered routing is investigated. The clustered routing provides a significant improvement on network performance, thus a new algorithm is provided for improving cluster formation and performance of network. The proposed WCA routing consumes buffer length, connectivity, mobility, remaining energy and fresh route information for cluster formation.The implementation and demonstration of the routing algorithm is performed NS2. After implementation the routing technique, performance of network are evaluated using network throughput, packet delivery ratio and end to end delay and compared with the traditional WCA algorithm. The presented outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed routing technique.

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