Design a Mobile to mobile communication system without internet on Android Framework

Sumonto Sarker, Rumpa Rani Sarker, Sree Dilip Kumar Adhikari, Md. Bayzid Bostame


In recent world communication process has totally changed with the advent of new technology. Mobile phone and internet are peoples first choice for communication. Now a day users are finding the cheapest way actually free of cost process to communication with different people. Wi-Fi is a very popular term in advance technology. And Wi-Fi direct is a new protocol. Using Wi-Fi direct mobile to mobile communication process can be possible that is totally free of cost and no external source of internet is needed. Having the facility of Wi-Fi direct to develop this system we need a Wi-Fi supported device. Hence, we have chosen Android device because Android mobile phone is cost effective and offers multidimensional purposes having some special built-in. Thus, this system is developed for mobile to mobile communication of a group of people without any internet service and GSM card.

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