Data Synchronization in Heterogeneous Database Environment

A.Naresh kumar


Database synchronization is a complex process in heterogeneous databaseenvironment. Maintaining the uniformity of data and its structure is a fundamental problem ofdata synchronization. In this paper we present a methodology to synchronize data and structurein heterogeneous database environment. We capture all DDL and DML SQL query from sourcedatabase and pass this SQL query to target database. A process runs continuously in the backend to read SQL query and passes the SQL query to target system through HTTP. Anotherprocess processes the SQL query in the target system. Some errors may happen in targetdatabase for data type mismatch or SQL query function mismatch or unavailability. To avoidthese errors, we have used two lookup tables and adapt the SQL query. Then we exe-cute thechanged query in the target database. Our experimental results evidence the effectiveness of theproposed method.


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