Redistribution Of Task Using Load Balancing Heuristics In Heterogeneous Environment

Minal Shahakar, Rupesh Mahajan


Distributed Computing allows tasks to be distributed to available resources for task execution in minimum time. Heuristics like Minmin+, Maxmin+, and Sufferage+ is suitable for larger applications wherein, large number of tasks distribution takes place, but still proper load balancing is not achieved. Our proposed work overcome this problem by using load balancing heuristics like Average Load Balancing and Threshold Based Task Allocation wherein tasks are allocated in such a way that no resource remains idle. In this approach, we maintain load balance in system by calculating current load of each system due to which appropriate task allocation is done to available resources on which the particular task can be executed in minimum time. This results in faster completion of tasks on each resource maintaining load balance and minimizes makespan

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