A Novel approach of Multiple Authorities Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption (MA-ABBE) scheme uses run length encoding algorithm to reduce the size of the message to be broadcasted

Vishal M. Shah, Viral V. Kapadia


UsingMultiple Authorities Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption (MA-ABBE), Encrypted message will be broadcasted to list of recipients who are into a network. Multiple Authorities Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption (MA-ABBE) uses multiple attributes of users to generate keys for encryption and decryption process, with the fact that the size of a cipher text can be increased with increasing number of attributes in this system. Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption (ABBE) determines the capabilities decryption based on users attributes and access policy which is composed of one or more attributes. And also Attribute-based broadcast encryption removes the limitation of traditional Broadcast Encryption (BE) [4] by doing encryption based on Ciphertext policy Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) [2] by defining an attributes into the system. The new efficient ABBE reduces the size of ciphertext to a constant value [3]. But there is an issue with this approach as if number of attributes is added into a system, increases the size of the ciphertext. In this proposed approach we have used run-length encoding (RLE) algorithm to reduce the size of the ciphertext before it gets transmitted (broadcasted) into a network. In this research paper, we have represented MA-ABBE approach which uses RLE to reduce the size of ciphertext before it gets broadcasted and so storage space, time of transmission and cost can be reduced.

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