Color Image Watermarking Technique by Featuring Joint DWT-DCT Domain in YIQ Color Space

Anuva Chowdhury, Hasneen Zaman, Nazmun Nahar Khan


This paper presents a new watermarking technique, where both the cover and watermark images are decomposed by the Discrete Wavelet Transform and Discrete Cosine Transform. The host image is decomposed in such a way that the horizontal subband of each level DWT is used for the next level transformation. The DCT coefficients of each subband of host image are modified by the DCT coefficients of the relevant subbands of the watermark image instead of embedding the reference image directly to the DCT block of the host image. It is a non-blind watermarking method tested on YIQ color image. In addition, Arnolds method of scrambling is used to increase the security level. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm apparently preserves superior image quality and robustness under various image processing attacks with PSNR more than 40 dB and NC over 0.99.

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