Performace Analysis of Meander Line Antenna Loaded With Different Shapes of Slots

Susmita Ghosh


The proposed antenna in this paper is a folded type meander line antenna. Performance of three different antennas has been investigated. All the three antennas are of same physical dimension but the shapes of the slot etched from the ground plane are different. First antenna, which is loaded with U-shaped slot, is a penta band resonator while the second antenna, loaded with Y-shaped slot is a tetra band resonator but with improved return loss, -43 dB at 0.67882 GHz. The last antenna is also loaded with Y-shaped slot but the dimension of the slot is so chosen that the antenna becomes penta band resonator and with sufficiently improved return loss compared to first design. Far-field response, efficiency, gain, directivity and reflection coefficients have been chosen as factors for performance analysis and in this paper it has been successfully illustrated that if the shape and size of the slot is changed, performance of antenna improves significantly.

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