Generation and Processing of a Chaotic signal with Possible Speech Transmission

Md. Rahikul Islam Chy, G. M. Shoyeb, Ebad Zahir


Chaotic dynamical system which often exhibits erratic and irregular behavior are non linear and deterministic systems. A chaotic system is a combination of lots of signal of different frequencies. So when we modulate an intelligent signal with a chaotic signal, it is difficult to predict for a third person from outside which signal is carrying the original intelligent signal. Only receiver side can decode the chaotic carrier and can extract the intelligent from the carrier. For these properties, the signals that evolve in these systems are typically broadband, noise-like and similar in many respects to a stochastic process and these properties also led the proposal that chaotic signal might be potentially useful for secure communication and signal masking. The chaotic communication explaining the system setup of synchronized system for signal masking purpose is analysis and demonstrated

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