Device Control Using Brain Waves

Ebad Zahir, Md. Arif Abdulla Samy, Mukit Ahmed Chowdhury, Tafsir Ahmed Khan


Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a system that creates a communication link between the human mind and computers or machines. This project was a non invasive EEG approach to implementing a BCI using different EEG signals generated by different mental states or body movement as the input. Initially, a strong focus was put on the extraction and discrimination of the EEG signals between different responses for different states of the mind and body. For this approach, two different mental states (relaxed and concious) were distinguished properly based on the subjects EEG responses. Then, the EEG responses for touching a conductor in different ways (with single finger, full hand grip) were analyzed and categorized. To use these responses as control signals for devices or machines was obviously the next step. This was achieved by implementing an automated electric wheechair controlled by EEG responses of the user where the control signals are defined (single finger touch - right turn, full hand grip - move forwward and no touch at all - stop).

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