Analysis of Parallel Computing, Focusing on Parallel Computing Models and Parallel Programming Models

Shweta Kumari


Parallel computing has turn out to be an important subject in the field of computer science. It has proven to be critical when researching high performance solutions. The evolution of computer architectures towards a higher number of cores i.e. multi-core and many-core, can only confirm that parallelism is the means of choice for speeding up an algorithm. My goal is to present a set of theoretical and technical concepts that are frequently required to understand the parallel computing, its models and algorithms. In this paper I briefly discuss the design patterns in parallel computing. Focus is on a large variety of parallel computing and programming models. I talk about memory consistency models which provide the contract between software and hardware. I describe general Parallel Programming Methodologies and some parallel programming tools. In this article I study few implementation issues of parallel programming. By understanding above mentioned topics, readers can overcome many of the technical limitations found beside the way and can design better algorithms and achieve speedups.

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