A Novel Image Compression Technique Based

Rakesh Kumar Lodhi Lodhi, Gajendra Singh Chandel, Kailash Patidar


Compression ratio is very important factor of image compression technique. The compression ratio shows speed of

image compression technique. Fractal image coding based compression technique is very slow in compression process. Fractal

transforms function based on symmetry properties of block in compression process. The symmetry process of block reduces the

structure of redundant frames of block. The process of redundant block extraction and searching is very slow, now improvement of

search and classification of redundant block used centrifugal force optimization technique. Centrifugal force optimization is heuristic

function work in distributed terms in mass of different block of frames. in this paper proposed hybrid method of image compression

based on fractal image coding and centrifugal force optimization for the searching of redundant frame for optimization. the proposed

algorithm implemented in MATLAB software and test compression ratio on some reputed image such as Lena ,Barbara and

cameraman. Our empirical results compare with jpeg compression technique and FIC technique. Our result shows better

compression ratio and PSNR value.

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