Migration for Secure Data Acquisition Systems

Dr.D.R.V.A.Sharath Kumar, M.Sridhar Goud, V.Shiva Raj Kumar


Supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) systems refer to industrial control systems(ICS): computer systems that monitor and controlindustrial, infrastructure, or facility-based processes. Thetremendous increase in the number of networkconnections to the SCADA systems has made thenetwork more susceptible to attacks by hackers. Thevendors of SCADA and control products have beenaddressing the issues related to the security threats posedfor the existing SCADA systems. The IP addressingscheme that is presently used is IPV4 and the number ofaddresses have almost come to an exhaustion stage andthis demands the need for implementation of IPV6throughout the world. The IPV6 has more securityfeatures and it supports almost any platform of operatingsystem. In addition the IPV6 address has a length of 128bits and it is possible to generate about 3.4038addresses. In this paper, the migration to IPV6 for thesecurity of SCADA systems has been proposed.

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