Efficiently Retrieving top k Search Results over XML Data

D.Rajeswara Rao, Ch.Lavanya Susanna


Information systems return answers after a user submits a complete query. Users often feel left in the dark when they have limited knowledge about the under-lying XML data and have to use a try-and-see approach for finding information. In this paper, we study a new information-access paradigm, called type-ahead search in which the system searches the underlying data on the fly as the user types in query keywords, the drawback of query results on decision pending for two interrelated weights occurred on the same query keyword if they have same priority .In this paper we introducing a new approach Multiple attributes group decision making (MAGDM) for dealing with fuzziness in ranking and selection of alternatives with respect to multiple attributes. The determination of weight of each att- Traditional ribute being one of the most important parts in MAGDM, as it will dominate the evaluation process. In this paper determination of attributes weight in MAGDM model under conflicting condition is put forward. Analytical hierarchy process is proposed as integrated weights for solving this problem. So that more efficient results get displayed

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