A Design of a Graphical User Interface for Coverage Planning in Long Term Evolution

Jacqueline J. George, Sheemaa Ali Mohammed Hashim


One of the key drivers in the uptake of LTE as a new technology is to get the most out of the network, meet subscriber demands and develop new revenue growth plans, this makes radio network planning an essential process for operators looking to make the most of their networks. In order to achieve the radio network planning, there are a number of stages that are typically performed, these includes: Initial planning, detailed planning and optimization. The initial phase of network planning is known as dimensioning.The purpose of dimensioning is to estimate the required number of radio base stations needed to support a specified traffic load in an area. Dimensioning has two phases: coverage planning phase and capacity planning phase. This paper focuses on the coverage planning phase; a GUI tool was designed and simulated using MATLAB program that provides the number of sites required in coverage planning phase.

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