Voice Browser

Rahul L. Khaire, Ashish A. Annachhatre, Kalpesh A. Barve, Sagar A. Kakade


Internet has become a major source of exchanginginformation across the globe. It is the fastest as well as easiestway of accessing information. Browsing through internetminimises effort and maximises result. However, the internethas to be useful to even the visually and physically impaired people. They require a special type of browser for this purpose.

The Voice Browser is a computer application that browses the internet and displays information on screen. Itis capable of generating voice output and/or interpreting voice input, and possibly other input/output modalities.In addition, this browser, unlike the conventional method, works by responding to voice commands. The Voice Browser is a state of- art technology that provides better and faster Internet experience. It is a program that will facilitate and enhance learning of slow or/and impaired users

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