A Control of Parallel Operated Isolated Asynchronous Generators



This paper deals with the control of parallel operated isolated asynchronous generators (IAG) feeding linear / non linear loads driven by prime movers such as hydro and wind turbines. AC capacitor banks are used to meet the reactive power requirement of asynchronous generators. The proposed controller is realized using a set of IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar junction transistors) based current controlled 3-leg voltage source converter (CC-VSC) and a DC chopper at its DC bus, which keeps IAGs generated voltage and frequency constant under changes in consumer loads or prime movers input. The complete system is modeled in MATLAB environment using sim power system toolboxes. The simulated results are presented to demonstrate the capability of isolated generating system consisting of controller and parallel operated asynchronous generators driven by hydral turbine and wind turbine feeding linear / non linear loads.


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