Analysis of Ultra Wide Band Four stage Distributed Low Noise Amplifier in TSMC 0.18?m Process

Habib Muhammad Nazir Ahmad, , Mohammad Shafquatul Islam, Arman Riaz Ochi


In communication circuitry detection of ultra weak signals at reception end is delicate. In order to have precision performance and acceptable gain in ultra wide band frequency range the noise performance and power consumption for low noise amplifier is significant. Among different techniques, this paper presents the simulated result for a distributed low noise amplifier with four stage amplification to ensure minimum noise figure as well as low power consumption. The simulation work is based on TSMC 0.18?m process parameter.

Keywords- Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Distributed circuit theory, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), Distributed Low Noise Amplifier (DLNA), Noise Figure (NF), Transmission Line (TL),

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