A Modified Digital Signature Schemes based on Integer Factorization and Discrete Logarithms

A.B. Nimbalkar, Dr. C.G. Desai


A digital signature is a cryptographic method for verifying the identity of an individual. It can be a process, computer system, or any other entity, in much the same way as a handwritten signature verifies the identity of a person. Digital signatures use the properties of public-key cryptography to produce pieces of information that verify the origin of the data. Several digital schemes have been proposed as on date based on factorization, discrete logarithm and elliptical curve. However, the Swati Verma and Birendra Kumar Sharma [8] digital signature scheme which combines factorization and discrete logarithm together making it difficult for solving two hard problems from the hackers point of view. This paper presents the modified scheme of Digital Signature and analyzes them from different perceptions.

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